Sweet Sweat Ambassador Program

Sweet Sweat Ambassador Program

What are we looking for in a Sweet Sweat Australia Ambassador?

Now is your chance to be apart of the Sweet Sweat Ambassador Program for the internationally known and loved fitness accessory, Sweet Sweat! We’re searching for positive role models who are actively inspiring their communities to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and break a sweat everyday! The Sweat Squad is a network of highly motivated and valued health and fitness influencers who embody Sweet Sweat's core values.


Where are we looking for Sweet Sweat Australia ambassadors and influencers for the program?

Sports Research, the home of Sweet Sweat Australia has finally landed in Australia and can be purchased right here online! Sweet Sweat is used by our many happy customers at Gyms and Fitness centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast! If you reside in these areas and inspire your local community to break a sweat we want to hear from you!

 Sweet Sweat Brand Ambassador Program Waist Trimmer

Sweet Sweat Brand Ambassador Program Perks

Being a part of the Sweet Sweat brand ambassador program means you are apart of the community! The community gives you access to the best collagen supplements and best waist trimmers on the market. You'll be working alongside many big name celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Paige Hathaway who all share the same Sweet Sweat core values. 

As a Sweet sweat ambassador you'll receive: 

  • Exclusive & unique product packages.
  • Commission / discount code for you and your followers.
  • Access to unique social campaigns.
  • Opportunities for bonuses & prizes.
  • Connect with other highly-motivated Influencers.


Primary Qualifications: 

  • Must actively use at least one of our Sports Research / Sweet Sweat products.

  • Must have a public account & consistent activity on social media. 

  • Approximately 10,000 or more followers on any one social media platform. 

  • High-quality social content that has an inspiring and empowering message. 

  • Must reside in Australia.

Sweet Sweat Ambassador Program

Sweet Sweat USA Ambassador Program Feedback

"I have always loved the Sweet Sweat brand, ever since 2016 when I started using the waist trimmer. Sweet Sweat's values and mission resonates with what my fitness values are so it was no brainer to get on board." - Onosioze Uduje

"I fell in love with the products 7 years ago! I had just had my second child and was trying to get back in shape. I would apply my Sweet Sweat gel and wear my Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer religiously to the gym! I saw my tummy transform into rock hard abs! I knew then that I wanted to be part of the Sweet Sweat family and share with others their wonderful products!" - Desiree Gomez

"I've been using the Sweet Sweat trimmer and gel stick for two years prior to joining the Sweet Sweat team. I've fallen in love with how these products perform on my body and they definitely have made an impact on my fitness journey. I have always been concerned about my stomach and the extra fat. I had trouble targeting certain areas on my stomach and ever since I started using these products, they have helped to shed the extra weight around my abdominal area. With that being said, I was already hooked on these products and had so many people reach out to me asking if these products were worth it! And ever since then, I wanted to join the Sweet Sweat team to share products that actually work and to help other people along their fitness journey!" - Charli Lilienfield 


Wondering How to apply?

Now is your chance to join our Sweat Squad Ambassador Program. Think you have what it takes? Apply here: https://sportsresearch.com/community/ambassadors/apply and make sure you tag @SportsResearch_au & @SweetSweatAu in your next story or post to be featured!