Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer

Sweet Sweat is a topical workout-enhancing gel that is activated by your elevated heart rate and may help the body sweat more during exercise. It works best during cardio, circuit, and high-intensity interval workouts. For best results, apply to “slow to respond” areas and get moving!

Sweet Sweat is activated by your elevated heart rate. Whether you’re in the gym, out on a run, playing sports, practicing power yoga, or just going for a long walk, Sweet Sweat can be a great support. Sweet Sweat even works great in a dry or infrared sauna!

Sweet Sweat is for external use only and can be applied to any part of your body-- even your face or sensitive areas. For best results, apply a thin layer to "slow to respond" or injured areas prior to your workout.

While the Sweet Sweat gel may help increase sweating, it is your exercise routine and diet that will help you lose the weight or gain muscle. The workout is key-- it is the activation for Sweet Sweat and the Waist Trimmer. Additionally, Sweet Sweat is a great support for your warm-up and recovery time.

The Sweet Sweat Stick and Jar are made with the same great formula— the only difference is the application method. The Stick rolls on like a deodorant, while the Jar is applied using your hands.

We have two available scents of Sweet Sweat: Original (which has a clean, fresh scent) & Coconut. The ingredients are the same, the only difference is the scent.

If you happen to get a lot of Sweet Sweat on your clothing, it's best to wash your clothes shortly after use, as opposed to allowing them to sit with Sweet Sweat for an extended period of time.  

Sweet Sweat contains oils, and may build up in certain fabrics. However, this can usually be remedied by doing a light scrub of the affected area with detergent or stain remover like OxiClean or Shout.

If oil has built up in the clothing over time, we recommend soaking the clothing in hot water for 10 mins, pulling it out and applying a dish soap (Palmolive, Ajax, etc) that is meant to break down oil to the affected area and brushing lightly with a toothbrush or laundry brush. This is followed by a rinse in hot running water which will loosen and remove the oil.

We generally recommend wearing loose fitting clothing when using Sweet Sweat, simply for the fact that the product works best when on the skin, and tighter clothing absorbs a good percentage of the product off the skin.

It’s good to keep in mind that Sweet Sweat can make you sweat more— so it’s best to not wear brand new or expensive clothing, or clothing you don’t want to sweat in.

Sweet Sweat should be stored in a cool, dry place. If exposed to heat during transit or if left in a hot place such as the car, it can melt and liquefy. If this occurs, you can place it in a refrigerator for 24-hours and it will solidify back to normal. We can assure you the product itself is still the same. If you have any further concerns, reach out to our Customer Support team and we’ll be happy to address it further.

The Original Sweet Sweat has a clean and fresh scent.

We recommend applying an ample amount of Sweet Sweat, coating all desired areas. For general use, coat on desired areas without rubbing the product in. 


For a demonstration using our Sweet Sweat Stick, check out our video below:


Sweet Sweat can last for varying amounts of time depending on how often you use it. Sweet Sweat has an expiration date of 5 years printed on the underside of the jar or the box the stick comes in.


The best way to know which size Waist Trimmer will fit you is to find out your waist measurement. If you have access to a tape measure, measure your waist below your chest and above your belly button.

Below is our sizing chart for the Original Waist Trimmers (Original, Neon Series, and Matte Series):

Small: 35" length x 8" width -- Recommended for waist up to 33"

Medium: 41" length x 8" width -- Recommended for waist up to 38"

Large: 44" length x 9" width -- Recommended for waist up to 40"

X-Large: 51" length x 10" width -- Recommended for waist up to 49"

XX-Large: 60" length x 10" width -- Recommended for waist up to 58"

We want to ensure you receive the best fit, so feel free to reach out to our team directly with your height, weight, and pant/dress size (numerical) and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through picking the right size for you!

he Trimmers are adjustable and use a velcro-type hook-and-loop fastener to secure the trimmer in place-- so there will be some overlap of course. The Trimmers should feel secure, pressed up against your skin, but not tight or constricting. If the Trimmers are too tight, they can constrict movement. The trimmer does not have to be wrapped super tight in order to be effective.

While the Sweet Sweat gel and the Waist Trimmer may help increase sweating, it is your exercise routine and diet that will help you lose the weight or gain muscle. The workout is key-- it is the activation for the Waist Trimmer and Sweet Sweat. Additionally, Sweet Sweat is a great support for your warm-up and recovery time.

Medium: 16" length x 5.25" width — recommended for arms up to 15"

Medium: 29” length x 8” width  — recommended for thighs up to 26”

Both the Thigh and Arm Trimmers come with 2 trimmers, one for each thigh or arm.

We recommend wearing the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer and Sweet Sweat Enhancer for only 2-3 hours at a time and only during a workout. These trimmers should be worn loose enough to provide full range of motion during your workouts.

If you feel that the Trimmer is rolling when you use it, it is possible you have the wrong size or you may be wearing it too tightly. We’d be more than happy to take a look if you want to send us a picture or video of yourself wearing it. We want to ensure you have the right size and are able to get the most out of your workout!

Our Trimmers are made with extra-thick, latex-free, top-quality Neoprene.

We have a few helpful tips on how to clean and care for the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer. Let us know if you have any questions not addressed below:

1. Daily use of the trimmers should be followed by wiping the neoprene side of the trimmer with a warm wet towel or washcloth, pushing gently down to remove any remaining oil, sweet sweat, or other moisture. Allow your trimmers to thoroughly air dry after each use. Avoid extended periods of moisture in enclosed spaces to prevent bacterial growth.

2. For deeper washing, place the trimmer in warm water with light detergent. Swish it around and use a rag to gently clean the inside of any residue. Do not use any type of conditioner or fabric softener as this will take away from the velcro stick. We recommend deep washing the trimmer after multiple uses, with light soap and water vs a simple wipe down.

3. Do not tumble dry. Air dry only.

Check out the video below for a demonstration using Light Detergent:


Yes, our trimmers are machine washable. We strongly encourage following the directions provided on the insert included with your Trimmer.

While you can use Sweet Sweat in the sauna, we do not recommend you wear your Waist Trimmer in the sauna.

Sweet Sweat & Trimmers

While our Sweet Sweat Gel  and Waist Trimmer are effective as individual products, many of our customers prefer to use them together for optimal results.  

In order to ensure your safety, we recommend consulting with a qualified healthcare professional before using Sweet Sweat or engaging in any physical activity.


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