Sweet Sweat Coconut Stick, 182g (6.4 oz)

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Sweet Sweat with Organic Coconut Oil is a topical gel that works with your own elevated heart rate to help you achieve a better sweat during vigorous exercise and can also aid with post workout recovery.  Can also be used while swimming, and in dry or infrared saunas. For an enhanced Sweat experience use in combination with Sweet Sweat Neoprene Trimmers.


Sweet Sweat Coconut Stick
Sweet Sweat Coconut Stick
Sweet Sweat Coconut Stick
Sweet Sweat Coconut Stick

We believe in using the best ingredients so you can have total peace of mind about the product you are using.

Verified Free of PEDs

Certified Cruelty-Free

cGMP Compliant


Let me tell you something, once you've worked out with this stuff, you'll never want to workout without it.


I'm addicted to this thing. I'm on my 3rd one. I love how much it helps me sweat, and increased my confidence during workouts.


Enhance Your Workout

Sweet Sweat works best during cardio, circuit, and HIIT training. Apply a thin even layer prior to workout out.

Maximize Results

Even though Sweet Sweat is great on its own, we highly recommend combining it with the Waist Trimmer to get the most from your workouts.

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Sweat Harder

Sweet Sweat is activated by your elevated heart rate. For best results, apply to "slow-to-respond" problem areas and get moving!