The Best Waist Trimmer

Best Waist Trimmer

Who Invented The Sweet Sweat Best Waist Trimmer?

For more than 30 years Jeff Pedersen Sr. the inventor of Sweet Sweat has avidly tested and studied Sweet Sweat and has carried out many live demonstrations at fitness expos across the world including Mr Olympia to demonstrate that Sweet Sweat truly does have the best waist trimmer. With many years of testing and research Jeff Pedersen and Sports Research have developed a range of products including the best collagen supplement and the best post natal waist trimmer/ bodybuilder waist trimmer.


The Number One Best Seller On Amazon 

Sweet Sweat has the best waist trimmer in the world and is  ranked #1 by Amazon. With over 36,000 people obsessed with this product  the waist trainer can be used to help fight belly fat after a baby or to help train for bodybuilding. Paired with a Sweet Sweat topical gel  it may help support and promote circulation, motivation, and SWEAT when used during exercise. It takes energy to sweat, more energy than most people realize and like all energy consuming processes sweating helps burn calories.  


Best Waist Trimmer Sweet Sweat  Colour Black

Waist Trimmer Review 

Sweat Sweat Design

Variety of Different colours to keep you looking stylist!

Waist Trainer Material Construction

The premium latex-free neoprene material plays a key role in retaining heat and enhancing the sweating experience. It also offers an irritation-free experience, and won't result in the development of rashes on your body.The interior section of the trimmer is covered with a unique lining that repels moisture, while at the same time ensuring the trimmer doesn’t bunch up or move around during training.

Thermogenic Workouts

The Sports Research Sweet Sweat Trimmer enhances your workouts and plays a role in improving thermogenic activity. The trimmer raises the body temperature, particularly on your core, which increases sweating. The sweating process drastically reduces the water weight in your tummy, therefore, reducing the bulge of your tummy. It’s a great option, especially for new mothers who need to get in shape after having a baby. In fact, some call it a “mini sauna” due to the heat it generates after taking it off.

The trimmer shouldn’t be worn more than two hours, but fortunately, it doesn’t waste any time getting started either. Typically, users start to feel the warmth growing after five minutes of putting it on.


  • Lightweight
  • Contoured for a perfect fit
  • Flexible
  • Wide range of motion


  • No specified limit for waist size

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Sweet Sweat BEST Waist Trimmer