UFC Performance Institute & Sweet Sweat

Back in 2021, Sweet Sweat was named an official global marketing partner of UFC & the UFC Performance Institute. This deal included a collaboration on a research program that studies the benefits of Sweet Sweat products when used by UFC athletes in training during their fight camps and fight week stages of preparation at the Performance Institute. 

Sweet Sweat, a product that makes you sweat harder and faster, is a go-to training companion for athletes both in and outside of the gym. The partnership with the UFC will enable a better understanding on how this landmark product can be used by athletes at every level.

Maximising Performance with Forrest Griffin

UFC and Forrest Griffin announced a new partnership with Sweet Sweat in 2022 to individually tailor each athlete’s cut to maximise their performance and elongate their careers. As Sweet Sweat gels help the body sweat more efficiently, this can potentially improve controlled weight cutting for athletes. 

Weight cutting in sport can sometimes be met with a negative reputation — with a few instances of unsafe practises. Forrest and the UFC PI team are hoping to regulate the process and make it more safe and effective for athletes. 

As a UFC Hall of Famer and former light heavyweight world title champion, Forrest Griffin knows what it takes to be fit for the octagon, which is why he has been working closely with the promotion to improve fighter’s health.

Griffin revealed he was looking forward to the partnership by saying:

“There’s a lot of modalities to cut weight. One of the things that’s really exciting is when we get to work with an athlete over a long period of time and we have specific information as to their sweat rate. We know how long it’s gonna take them to break a sweat and how much water weight they’re gonna lose in that period of time…”

Outside the Octagon: Inside the Performance Institute 

UFC has been documenting the benefits of the research program through their YouTube series. To learn the key to a good sweat with Forrest, watch the first episode below.

As VP of athlete development at the UFC performance institute, Forrest Griffin makes sure everything that goes on in the institute works to actually make the athletes better in the octagon. The goals of the UFC PI are to elongate athletes careers to allow them to fight more often, feel better when they fight, and maximise their potential. 

Episode 1: Fight Week with Forrest 

UFC Performance Institute Episode with Sweet Sweat Ambassador Sean O'Malley