Life Hack: The Secret to Fluffy Eggs is Actually a Coffee Tool

From chefs, home cooks, to breakfast enthusiasts - the perfect way to cook eggs is a highly debated topic. Cooking eggs is truly an art - it can be tough to achieve a fluffy, creamy texture that’s not too watery or over-whipped. We discovered a home hack right here in the SR kitchen that we believe is a perfect tool to create delicious eggs, without all of the fussy cleanup. 

The SR Premium Drink Mixer that we rely on to blend in MCT Oil and froth Collagen lattes doubles as a vehicle for delicious eggs! The powerful abilities of the mixer helps thoroughly blend the egg whites and yolk. Plus, the frothing technology aerates the eggs to keep them fluffy even after they settle in the hot pan. 



Convinced yet? Time to give this easy hack a try! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Crack eggs into a bowl
  2. Using the SR Premium Drink Mixer, froth the eggs until they turn a uniform pale yellow and develop a soft but sturdy foam. 
  3. Heat your pan over low medium heat. Make sure your eggs are frothed right before, and then gently pour them into the pan. 
  4. Using a silicone spatula, very gently fold the eggs. Fold once for an omelette, or fold a few times for scrambled eggs. 
  5. Season with salt and pepper and remove the eggs once cooked through. Feel free to add any additional toppings like chives, cheese, or jalapenos. 
  6. Enjoy the delicious, creamy texture and flavor!