Thanksgiving Inspired Mocktail

Shake up Thanksgiving with this Autumn spiced mocktail. Nothing is better than having a festive drink on a holiday, especially the sweet harvest flavors of Thanksgiving. We love that this mocktail combines some of our favorite healthy infusions like Collagen Peptides and Apple Cider Vinegar. If you're not a fan of the taste, you can shop our tasty, organic gummies or easy to swallow capsules here. Trust us when we say digestive support is a MUST on this foodie filled holiday. 



3 oz Apple Juice

2 oz Tonic Water

2 oz Apple Cider Vinegar 

1 scoop SR® Unflavored Collagen 

1 tsp tsp Maple Syrup

Dash of cinnamon

⅓ cup ice


Optional garnishes: frozen cranberries, fresh thyme and/or apple slices 


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker or shaker cup. Shake it up. Pour into your favorite glass. Garnish with frozen cranberries, thyme, and/or apple slices if desired. Sit cozy by the fireplace and ENJOY !

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