The Perfect Matcha Latte

Turn your latte green for St. Paddy’s Day with our Matcha Collagen Peptides. Green beer is fun, but why not opt for something healthier and just as aesthetically pleasing?!
Pro tip: you can make your Matcha a little more Irish by adding Bailey's Irish cream or Irish whiskey!


How to Make

In a small bowl add Matcha Collagen powder, honey and hot water to a bowl. Use a Matcha whisk or SR Drink Mixer to mix until well-combined. 
Add Butterfly Ice cubes into a glass and add in milk of your choice. Top with Matcha mixture and stir until well-combined.
Make your latte extra frothy: set aside a portion of milk in a small cup or bowl. Using the SR Drink Mixer, continue frothing until you reach a foamy texture. Top your latte with the frothy milk & enjoy.