Dealing with the Holiday’s Biggest Stressors

I don’t want a lot for Christmas…just maybe to stay sane.  

The holidays are full of holly and jolly and— oh yeah, anxiety. From in-laws to dieting, here’s how to deal with the holiday’s biggest stressors:


While the holidays are a perfect time to connect with loved ones, the holidays are also a time to…well, connect with loved ones. Whether it’s your parents, in-laws, siblings, or long-lost family friends, you may be faced with some bickering or disagreements here or there (or maybe a little more than here or there).

To manage, find your lifeline. Select a holiday confidante and hide with them in a corner behind the carolers or give them a call if they’re not in the same space as you when ~sugarplum~ hits the fan. 

Stress is always a bit more manageable when you have someone to help share the burden.


Travelling is great – it really is. However, by definition, it disrupts your routine. Be prepared for the disruption by pursuing your usual stress relievers while on vacation. 

For instance, my stress relief is exercise, so I always pack my workout bundle. It’s not only compact but offers a variety of workouts so I can sweat out the stress on the beach or in my grandma’s living room.  

(If you REALLY want to sweat, check out these Sweet Sweat travel packets). 


I am an anxious gift-giver. I never know if it’s too much, or too little, or if they already have it, or if the reason they don’t already have it is because they don’t like it. 

If this sounds like you—just ask them! Set parameters around cost or request they provide some general ideas for things they may want (e.g., jewelry, something health-related, home decor).

If you or the receiver don’t mind skipping the surprise, you could also offer two to three options and let them select one. That way, you will be sure they’ll love what you get them—but you can also show you’re attentive and caring by tailoring your choices just for them. 

To help get you started, here’s a Sports Research holiday gift guide


I would need a football team (bench players included) to help me get through the number of sweets I am gifted during the holiday season.

Less nutritious (albeit delicious) foods are everywhere in December, which may make sticking to your diet much more difficult. Here’s what I have to say about that:

Eat the cookie! It’s been a long year, and we’re celebrating having made it through. Life is too short to restrict yourself (and restriction makes you much more likely to binge later). 

Indulging without overdoing it is an art, as is self-forgiveness. Just make sure you’re still getting all your daily nutrients, and help your gut digest your yummies with a probiotic

Now, it’s time to turn up Mariah Carey because you got this.


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