Happiness Hacks: How to Win at Self Care

Let’s face it, 2020 isn’t exactly turning out how we hoped. For those of you who are thriving in these crazy times, I am so proud of you, but please tell me your secret. Regardless of your emotional state and where you're at on the spectrum between "freaking out" and "thriving," talking about mental health is so important and should always be a priority. We all have days where we feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious or stressed. After all, we're human.

You are allowed to have those days, and you are allowed to take some time for yourself to unplug, and find tranquility. However, we may have found a hack to make finding happiness a little bit easier when we need it most.

Our new favorite hack for a much-needed mood booster is putting together a Self-Care Box. The best part about putting together a Self-Care box is that it’s made by you for you. Having a collection of things that bring you happiness can be just what you need to get through a tough spot. Whether it be cooling down an emergency breakdown or simply a daily dose of soothing, it's important to incorporate little reminders throughout the week to lift your spirits.

Not sure how to get started? We got you. Here’s some of the ideas we came up with, focusing on the five senses to heal your body and mind. 

Box Option 1: Happiness with Sight

  • Positive affirmations - notes to yourself, daily affirmations, or mindful mantras can be little doses of happiness you need to get you through the day. These can be specific to you and your journey of mental health. 
  • Journal
  • Coloring book

Box Option 2: Happiness with Touch

  • Rose Quartz Roller 
  • Face mask
  • Cozy clothes or materials
  • SR Therapy gun - deep massage is comforting to the body and brings a sense of peace to the mind. The therapy gun helps loosen knots, tightness, and trigger points in your muscles. We love using the Fork or the Flat attachment for muscle stress relief, all in the comfort of your own home.

Box Option 3: Happiness with Sound

  • Soothing playlist - we put together some of our favorite tracks for taking a mental health break. Listen and close your eyes in your room for an hour. Or blast in the car during a long, therapeutic drive.
  • Woodwick candles
  • Guided meditation - listen to this beautiful guided meditation created by one of our very own!

Box Option 4: Happiness Inside

  • Vitamin C - antioxidant support for your body packed in the palm of your hand
  • Vitamin D3 - when I am having a tough day I like to lay in bed and stay in. I always make sure I still get my essentials with our Vitamin D3 softgels
  • Elderberry Gummies

Box Option 5: Happiness with Smell

  • Incense or Scented candles- we love a good fall scent, or any scent that brings you calm or peace should always be a part of your self-care routine
  • Essential oils
  • Body Spray/ Perfume

REMINDER: Your mental health is a priority. It's perfectly okay not to be okay. Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to step back from the things that make you stressed. Tomorrow is a new day, you got this.