Keeping your Gut in Check

Have you ever had a gut feeling? Or a gut-wrenching experience? There’s a reason behind these expressions. When it comes to feelings of stress or anxiety, rarely do we consider what's actually happening in our tummy area. The truth is, the happiness (or balance) of our gut microbiome has a very strong connection to our own mental wellbeing. If your gut health is out of whack, chances are your mood and energy are impacted too. In order to achieve the "Happy Gut, Happy Life" balance, it's crucial to recognize signs of an unhappy gut and learn simple tricks to improve your overall digestive health. 

Ways to Recognize an Unhappy Gut

  • You often feel fatigued or listless - when your gut isn't functioning, the rest of your body knows it and can feel tired or even exhausted. 
  • Your complexion isn't cutting it - your skin is a good indicator of what’s happening inside your body. When your liver isn’t able to push out toxins, your skin picks up the slack. The path to clear complexion starts with supporting your body’s internal organs. 
  • You’re feeling and looking inflamed - redness, itching, or overall discomfort could be indicative of an allergy or a potential trigger from an unhappy gut. 
  • Your hair and nails aren’t happy - when your gut isn’t functioning as it should, the rest of your organs begin to work overtime. This may cause limitation of the essential nutrients your body needs to maintain beautiful hair and glowing skin


Gut Balancing Techniques

The good news is, you don’t need to lock yourself in a toxin-free room to find relief. There are simple lifestyle swaps you can make in order to restore balance in your gut microbiome.  

  • In with the good, out with the bad - gut balance is about fostering the growth of "good" bacteria to help minimize the presence of "bad" bacteria. One way to achieve this in your daily routine is by taking probiotics. SR Daily Probiotics are formulated with 60 billion CFUs to restore balance and support digestive health. 
  • Minimize gut irritants - removing acidic beverages like alcohol and caffeine from the diet can help calm your gut. This can be a tough adjustment, so try to commit to 3-4 weeks and see how you feel.
  • Supercharge your supplementation - achieving a happy gut can be boosted by keeping up with your vitamin and nutrient intake. There are key supplements that can help move the process along, like digestive enzymes. SR Digestive Enzymes are specially formulated with 15 enzymes essential for breaking down and absorbing proteins, fats, carbs, sugar, fruit fiber, vegetable fiber & dairy.*

  • Increase gut-loving foods - boost your intake of fiber, fermented foods, and bone broth. Some fermented favorites that naturally contain probiotics include kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha or kefir. You can load up on fiber and energy with bananas, oats, and flaxseeds or make this easy Green Detox smoothie. Another easy way to seal your gut and support your overall well-being is with SR® Bone Broth Collagen.

Both in life decisions and in health, chances are your gut instinct is right. Listening to your body is key in supporting your overall mental health and physical well-being. They don't call it the "second brain" for nothing. 


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