Multi-Tasking Hacks

While focusing on one task at a time is the most ideal for productivity, sometimes you have moments of crunch time where multi-tasking goes a long way. 2022 is finally here and for many of us, that means it’s time to focus on achieving our goals and intentions. We’ve come up with a few ideas you can do daily that might just give you the “aha moment” you need to conquer 2022.  

Multitask on Zoom

Camera’s off anyone? 

Of course it’s important to be engaged on your morning video call, but if you can be attentive while putting on makeup or getting your hair ready for the gym, what’s the harm? You’ll cut down time on your morning regimen and give yourself a head start on the rest of today’s checklist. 

Brainstorm or listen to a thought-provoking podcast while driving

Commuting can be brutal, but it’s also downtime that you can use effectively. Whether you’re stuck in traffic heading to work or running errands from store to store, driving is a great opportunity to exercise your brain. Find a podcast or playlist that fuels big ideas and inspires creativity. 

Clean your waist trimmer while showering

You’re already exhausted from your workout, the last thing you want to do is take the time to clean your gear. A great hack is to take the waist trimmer in the shower with you. You can clean the inside of the trimmer gently with soap and warm water or use our Trimmer Cleaning Spray. Once you’re done, hang the trimmer on your shower curtain rod to dry. By the time your next workout rolls around, you’re good to go!

Workout while watching tv or during commercial breaks

Whether it be your favorite binge watch like The Office or the content is so good you can only pull away during the commercials, finding time for extra movement is key. Spend commercials getting into a Holiday Inspired Workout Routine or squat every time Jim looks at the camera with a sitcom-led workout

Brush your teeth while doing lunges or squats

Cleaning those pearly whites can also give your booty a loving lift. Try squatting on your toes or shifting into a reverse lunge for all around tone and variation. 

Return emails while doing a facial

We love this DIY Matcha Collagen mask for nailing those touch-base emails with your boss. 

What are your wellness hacks for 2022? Share them with us on social: @sportsresearch_au ; @sweetsweatau


Written by: Natalie Anzivino