Self-Care for Any Schedule

Self-care isn’t selfish!  It’s a conscious act you can do to help promote well-being and reduce stress.  Sounds great, right?  But is it easy?  Not always.  A self-care practice looks different for everyone and should be customized to your needs. In other words, only you know exactly what works for you.

But we get it -- figuring out how to find time for stress relief can be ironically stressful!  In case you’re stuck, here are a few simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine no matter what your schedule looks like.

Only have 10 minutes?

Try this stress relieving sequence with chilled out vibes from L-theanine.  Because even if you only have a few minutes to spare, there’s time to treat yourself to a quick reset.  You deserve it. 


Have an hour?

Whether you’re an early riser or an aspiring post-work wellness queen, this healing ritual will promote a healthy body night or day.  


Golden Milk


Have a whole day?

Get ready to level up cause your self-care tank is about be full.


Collagen Peptides


Matcha Collagen Peptides

Post Sweat