Water Infusions to Radiate from the Inside Out

Water is without a doubt the best way to stay hydrated. But when you're drinking water constantly, it can start to taste boring. When you're craving something different, there are healthy & beneficial additions you can try infusing with your water any day of the week. 



Adding Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides into your water is an easy way to support healthy skin, nails and joints.* You can add it into room temperature water with the SR® Drink Mixer and then add ice to chill. Mix it up and try a fun flavor from our Beauty Collection or Original line


Gingerol, a component of Ginger root benefits the digestive process (Hopkins Medicine). Ginger also relieves nausea and gives your boring water a spicy kick- who doesn't love that?


L-Theanine is naturally occurring in Matcha and has been shown to support a state of relaxation and calm focus.* Combine SR® Matcha Collagen Peptides with boiling water and sip warm or pour it over ice to enjoy chilled. 

Lemon Juice

There's nothing better than a sweet lemon added to your water. What's even better- lemon aids in digestion and provides a boost of vitamin C and potassium (Cleveland Clinic). Need I say more?

Golden Milk

SR® Golden Milk powder contains organic extracts of turmeric and ginger plus spices. There's nothing better than a creamy, comforting start to your day. Similar to Matcha, you can combine Golden Milk with boiling water and sip warm or pour it over ice to enjoy chilled. 


What skin-loving, digestive calming, or mood boosting nutrients do you add to your daily routine? We want to know! Follow @sportsresearch on Instagram and Tik Tok


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.