Austin Dunham's Calisthenics AMRAP Challenge Workout

Fitness pro Austin Dunham shows us his exclusive calisthenics workout. But what is calisthenics? It’s a resistance-based training regimen that helps improve strength, flexibility, mobility, and more! 

Austin’s A.M.R.A.P. Challenge
No Equipment Required.
Two 10 Minute Rounds, As Many Rounds As Possible.

Round 1: 10 Minutes

1) Push-ups: 8 Reps
2) Supermans: 8 Reps, 2 Second Hold at Top
3) Wall Sit: 30 Seconds
4) Russian Twist: 8 Reps Each Side

Round 2: 10 Minutes

1) Bench or Chair Dips: 10 Reps
2) High Knee Squat Jumps: 10 Reps
3) Feet-Elevated Shoulder Taps: 10 Reps Each Side
4) Floor Leg Raises: 10 Reps

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