Fall into a Sugar-Free 30 Day Challenge

Challenge yourself this month by joining us in our 30 Day journey to getting fit. This October, we here at Sports Research are committing to 30 Days of no sugar and 3 workout moves that target your entire body. 
Going sugar-free is hard, but during the biggest candy month of the year, we challenge you join us in becoming our best selves. Don't forget to your Sweet Sweat and Waist Trimmer
The Calendar


The Moves

1. Push-ups 

 Feel free to do a Push-up or Modified Push-up. Make sure your hands are positioned shoulder-width apart. As you bend your elbows, make sure your core is tight and your back and butt are aligned and straight. 

2. Squat 

As you begin your squat, make sure you tighten your core. Sit your butt back and make sure your knees do not go past your toes. On your way up make sure to squeeze your butt. Feel free to use your SR Mini Loop Bands

3. Sit Ups

Place your hands behind your head, tighten your core and make sure your chin is to the ceiling. Be sure to use your core to lift your upper body and not your hands.