Get In Shape with Your Dog!

We're not going to lie to you.  Finding motivation this month to lunge, run, hop, skip, insert literally anything that involves movement here, has been...difficult.  If you're finding yourself in a similar quarantine tugboat, you're not alone.  Working from home has its perks, but it also has the ability to pull us in a variety of all-consuming directions. In other words, this whole pandemic thing is distracting to the max.
Then National Dog Day rolled around.
Love dogs? So do we! And so do our Ambassadors. Our Sweat Squad reminded us that our four-legged friends can be our biggest cheerleaders, especially in the home gym.  Need a new source of motivation?  Use your sweet pup like a 15 pound weight and give us 20.  Training for a race?  Grab your running shoes, your dog's leash, and hit the streets with your 2" best friend.  The options are endless, really. 
As always, our #SweetSweat Ambassadors are here to provide inspiration.