Get Your 2021 Fitness Resolutions Back on Track


So, we’re rounding out month 2 of 2021, and if you’re like me—those New Year’s Resolutions have been replaced by the latest top 10 on Netflix. Have no fear!—this article is here to help. Check out these common goals and how to get them back on track:

1. “I want to get in shape.”

Ah yes—we’ve all tried this one at least once (and probably more than once). After spending years of trying to demystify this elusive goal, I’ve found the solution:

  • Make it fun.

The great thing about exercise is that it’s diverse. Sure-- it could mean bicep curls and jogging on the treadmill, but this isn’t for everyone. Better yet, it doesn’t have to be for everyone!

From hiking to cycling, rock climbing to racquetball, jump rope aerobics to trapeze acrobatics, the options are endless. 

You’ll find that the more you enjoy being active, the easier it will be to “get in shape.”

2. “I want to run more.”

If you don’t consider yourself a runner (or even if you do), this goal isn’t easy. But it can be so much easier if you simply…

  • Make it quantifiable.

You can start by answering this question:

How often and/or far do I have to run for it to be considered “more”?

Whether it’s running twice a week or training for a marathon, adding numerical values to your goal will make it more attainable. 

3. “I want to get organized.” 

Maybe your home gym is located behind cluttered paint cans and whatever’s under that old tarp. Maybe you bought that thingmajig for ripped abs but have no idea how to use it. To get organized—

  • Make it simple. 

What do you need? What don’t you need? If you need to invest in the basics. It’s Marie Kondo’s dream— mobile, compact, versatile, and will definitely spark joy. 

Also, check out this article for tips on optimizing your home workout space. 

4. “I want to stop procrastinating.” 

The good news is you still have a majority of the year to get this one right.  Even in mid-December, you could make it happen—just start today. In other words…

  • Make it a priority. 

Your resolutions won’t judge you for starting late. In fact, they’ll applaud you. You can do it! We’re all rooting for you. 

For extra motivation, put your DIY Vision Board front and center. 

If today were a new year, how would you want to start it? 


This article was written by Melissa Pelowski. Interested in writing for us too? Email your pitch to for consideration.