Hiking Must-Haves

Hiking is a beautiful, captivating activity that is good for the soul. Hiking is one of my all-time favorite activities, and I am currently in the midst of completing the 52 Hike Challenge - an endeavor where you are tasked to complete 52 different hikes within the 52 weeks of the year. I am currently on Hike #28 and while I still have many to go, I've definitely learned a few things on the hikes I have trekked thus far. Whether you're a novice hiker or well seasoned in the outdoors, there are a few essentials that I recommend you take on your next trail. 


Sun Protection

A hat and sunglasses are essential tools in protecting your skin and eyes on a hike. Even on cloudier days, the sun has the ability to do more damage than you think. Sun can also take a toll on your energy, so I always make sure to bring a hat with me to stay shaded. If you're looking for ways to provide additional support to your eyes, Astaxanthin & Lutein + Zeaxanthanin softgels are great options.*

Sweet Sweat

I love bringing a Sweet Sweat Travel Packet or Stick with me on a hike because it helps enhance my workout. Hiking often doesn't feel like an intense cardio activity but it absolutely can be. If you take a wrong step or twist an ankle the wrong way, it can make the trip back to your car especially difficult. Sweet Sweat gives me that extra reassurance that I am less likely to get injured because I can focus on target areas that are slower to respond.*



Always always always bring water with you on a hike. I always recommend bringing more than you think you'll actually need. You never know when you might take a wrong turn that extends your hike or deal with extremely hot weather. Whatever the circumstances, it's always important to be prepared. I love adding a scoop of Pre Sweat into my water when I need that extra kick of fuel to get me through the trail.


Supporting your joints during a long hike is crucial. It's easy to take a misstep or bend an ankle the wrong direction. Collagen Peptides give me that extra reassurance that my joints will make it through.* The travel packet option makes it super easy for me to take that extra support with me on-the-go. On a related note, always make sure that you are well stretched and warmed up prior to a hike. 

Hiking Buddy

No matter how experienced of a hiker you are, I always recommend bringing a buddy. For your personal safety, it is important that you have someone with you in case anything unexpected occurs. Plus, it's always a bonus to have a friend (human or animal) to keep you company! The best hikes are the ones you get to share with your friends!

The most important part of hiking is to enjoy yourself and have a great time connecting with nature! There are so many trails out there and so many places to see, I hope this list gives you that extra push you need to embark on your next endeavor! 


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 Written by: Natalie Anzivino