Sweat it or Skip it?

Have you ever met someone so full of life who tells you something like, “Running is the best medicine”? Well, I’m not that person. 

Exercise may just be what the doctor ordered…or it may not. Keep reading to find out whether you should sweat it out or skip it based on your current state.

Diagnosis: Stress

Treatment: Sweat it out

Using exercise to relieve stress is a concept we all know and love. Let’s not waste the word count convincing you otherwise, and instead have you check out these workout ideas under 30 minutes to give you the right type of stress relief you need. 

Diagnosis: Hangover

Treatment: Skip it

Many of us have felt the pains of happy hour the next day—and it’s a lot less fun than the night before. While sweating it out has been cited as a popular “antidote” for hangovers, what you really are is dehydrated. Rather than becoming more dehydrated at the gym—take the day to rest, rehydrate, and recover. And maybe next time, try one of these mocktails instead. 

Diagnosis: FOMO

Treatment: Skip it

This may be a hot take, but life is meant to be enjoyed. If something comes up that you really want to do (and it just so happens to interfere with your workout time)—do the thing that excites you! The gym will be there tomorrow— but special time with friends, family, or yourself may not. 

Diagnosis: Muscle Soreness

Treatment: Sweat it out

It may be hard to believe while your muscles ache just pouring that glass of oat milk—but exercise can relieve muscle soreness. Rather than skipping the workout completely, opt for a less strenuous exercise such as restorative yoga, walking, or swimming. And afterward, make sure to treat yourself to a nice Therapy Gun massage.

The caveat to this is if you’re so sore you can’t walk, it’s probably a good day to let your muscles repair themselves. Drink lots of protein shakes and water—you’ll be ready to sweat it out again in no time.

Diagnosis: Exhaustion

Treatment: Skip it

Sometimes you just need to sleep. You know it, your body knows it. Rather than pushing yourself to the brink, allow yourself a day to recover. Sleep it off, watch Gilmore Girls in bed, and eat a healthy snack that makes you feel good. 

Diagnosis: Motivation on a Scheduled Rest Day

Treatment: Sweat it out

Just like your body knows when it needs rest, your body knows when it wants to move. Don’t stifle this momentum just because you had a rest day scheduled. Instead, reschedule your rest day for when you really need it! It’s your life—nothing is stopping you from changing it.

When in doubt, use your intuition. You know your body best.


This article was written by Melissa Pelowski. Interested in writing for us too? Email your pitch to submissions@sportsresearch.com for consideration.