Workout Ideas When Working Out is the Last Thing You Want to Do

This article was written by Melissa Pelowski.


We’ve all been there—you spend the day telling yourself, I need to work out, followed by, Ugh…do I have to? You may even lace up your running shoes, only to find yourself scrolling through Instagram instead of your HIIT playlist. On the bright side, you’re halfway there. Telling yourself that you need to work out really means that deep down (maybe deep, deep down), you want to work out. Adding a scoop of Pre Sweat to your water bottle can give you that boost of jitter-free energy and increased focus your body needs to get moving. If you’re still not up to that 5-mile run or heavy lifting sesh, check out these manageable home workout ideas.


While rest days are important, feeling blah doesn’t always chalk up to fatigued muscles. Those who have struggled through that last rep know that training is a hefty mental challenge. Sometimes, your mind needs—and deserves— a reset. Practicing yoga is a great way to recalibrate your body’s physical and mental needs. Wind down with some mindful meditation, set your intentions for the rest of the day, and thank yourself for mustering up that little bit of motivation to get yourself moving. 


Yes, you read that correctly. Love The Office? New Girl?  How about Friends? Let your favorite episode guide a 23-minute home workout. The rules are simple: every time that character does the thing, take a squat. Want more of a challenge? Watch another episode or create more workout cues. Uniting your wishes to both veg out and work out can make the next 23 minutes not only tolerable, but enjoyable! Here’s an example to get you started:

The Office

Opening Credits: Hold a plank

Jim looks at the camera: 20 squats

Pam says “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”: 15 mountain climbers

Jim pranks Dwight: 20 crunches

Stanley looks annoyed: 5 burpees

“That’s what she said”: 20 tricep dips


Some workouts are more bearable than others. Personally, I find that strengthening my core and glutes gets me the most pumped (and lying down during sit-ups isn’t so bad, either). On days when motivation is at an all-time low, pump up the muscles that make you feel your all-time high. Mixing loop bands into your workout can also give your muscles that extra needed burn as proof of progress. Remember, 15 minutes is better than zero, and creating that burn may be all you need to spark an even higher degree of motivation. 

Whether one rest day has turned into three or you’re just looking for something to get you moving, these workouts are a great reminder that training can—and should—be fun!

What is your favorite blah day workout?