5 Tactics to Navigate Stress

Ideas of sun-soaked afternoons and relaxation are looming just ahead - it makes the daily grind all the more difficult. Knowing that summer is so close, it's easy to feel stressed or burnt out. We've listed a few tactics to navigate those high stress moments into a place of quiet and much-needed respite. 


  • Take a moment to breathe

Even 5 minutes of stillness can calm your body and mind. Try a breath work session or aromatherapy to help promote relaxation. If you've never done breath work, yoga breathing is a great way to get started. You can create your own Essential Oil blends by combining SR® Naturals with your favorite calming scents like lavender or peppermint.

  • Get out in the sunlight.

Not only will it help you find calm but it will also boost you mood. Find a trail and take your time - spending time in nature has a natural grounding effect. If it's difficult for you to find time outside, take Vitamin D3 regularly to uplift your mood and support your immune system.* 

  • Change your tune.

Find a calming or uplifting playlist that takes your mind to a peaceful place. If music isn't quite your style, try a motivational podcast or your favorite audiobook to bring comfort. 

  • Fill your cup.

Break your midday grind by treating yourself to a nourishing drink. SR® Golden Milk contains naturally anti-inflammatory ingredients including Turmeric, Ginger and Black Pepper. Served hot or over ice, with each sip you'll start to feel more at ease. 

  • Hold that thought.

Journal or read to give you a moment to get lost in your own world for a bit and shut out the noise. A guided meditation is a great way to start allowing your mind to deter stress and focus on calming energy. 


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*Statements regarding Sports Research’s dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Written by: Natalie Anzivino