The 3 Wellness Products Dr. Eryn Paetz Can't Live Without

With SO many different products to choose from, it can be tough to narrow down which ones are right for you and your health regimen. While everyone is different, we wanted to get advice from one of the experts. We sat down with Physical Therapist Dr. Eryn Paetz, and she gave us an inside look on some of the MUST-HAVE Sports Research products in her daily routine. Trust us, you’ll want to add these to your cart immediately.

Aside from Sweet Sweat, what are some of your favorite Sports Research products? 

1. Collagen

I put Collagen in my tea every morning. I used to do coffee but I don’t really drink coffee that much anymore.

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2. MCT Oil

I put this in my morning coffee or tea and also when I make protein shakes!

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3. Yoga Mat

I love all of their fitness products, but the yoga mats are my absolute favorite. Everybody raves about them! They’re double sided and our fitness room turns neon colors so I can flip from the matte black side to the speckled side depending on what aesthetic we want in the class. It’s a perfect combination of soft and firm, and it’s not too thin. 

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See Eryn's SR essentials in action





Dr. Eryn Paetz is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, MATRx® Full Body Specialist, MAT® Jumpstart and Specialist Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Lagree Pilates Instructor, Dry Needling specialist, Division I soccer player, and co-owner of Rock Solid Sports Recovery. You can read more about our conversation with Dr. Eryn Paetz HERE.

*Sports Research supplements are developed for healthy adults. We cannot recommend giving this product to a minor without consulting with a Qualified Pediatrician.