Why You Should Consider a Social Media Detox

Social media is a fantastic tool for information, creativity, and connection. While we love scrolling through hilarious Tik Toks and sharing picturesque moments on the ‘gram, sometimes the thing you need most is to just unplug. It can feel daunting to truly step away from social media, so we’ve listed a few reasons why unplugging can be beneficial to your physical and mental health. 

A bonus: we’ve curated a 7 day challenge to get you started.

A detox helps you focus on your goals and priorities

If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through twitter and suddenly check the clock to find two hours have passed, it can feel disappointing. You make personal, productive goals to feel good- social media can be a barrier to meeting those accomplishments. 

Unplugging on a consistent basis will:

  • Build good digital habits
  • Gain more time to grow your career, relationships, and wellbeing

A project to clear your mind: DIY Vision Board


A detox helps preserve your mental & physical health

Does anyone else find that their #foryoupage includes a lot of discussion about being anxious, stressed, or even depressed? I sure do and many of us can relate during these times. 

Finding time off-screen can:

  • Better your sleep patterns
  • Improve your mood & clear your mind

The perfect distraction: Yoga for Better Sleep

A detox helps you reconnect with yourself

A major aspect of social media that you might be unknowingly guilty of is seeking validation. Self-esteem is a battle and social media has a way of fueling this comparison cycle that can tamper how you feel about yourself. 

While a detox can’t solve every thought and emotion we experience when we look in the mirror, it certainly can help:

  • Be present in the moment - do away with FOMO and embrace JOMO (the joy of missing out!)
  • Make time for self care and moments with loved ones 

Find tranquility: Happiness Hacks to Win at Self Care


Convinced Yet? Here's a 7 Day Social Media Detox Challenge to get you started

When do you decide it's time to unplug? Share your tips, tricks, or journey with this challenge by tagging @sportsresearch on Instagram or Tik Tok!


Written by: Natalie Anzivino