New Year, New Trimmer

How You Know it’s Time for an Upgrade

The best way to reach your New Year fitness goals is by finding the right workout essentials. Whether you’re new to working out with a waist trimmer or a well-seasoned Sweet Sweat user, you may not know when it’s time for an upgrade. Read our guide below to learn more, and explore a new waist trimmer for women and men. 

Your Trimmer is Showing Fatigue

Waist Trimmers can last anywhere from 6-8 months depending on wear and care. Over time, the frequent fastening and unfastening of the velcro on the sweat band may cause it to wear down, or the fabric may pill. The good news is our customer experience team has a few solutions to help remedy this! However, if you’ve been experiencing this trimmer fatigue for some time, then it’s a sign you could use a new & improved Waist Trimmer.

You Have a Change in Your Workout Style 

Has your workout routine shifted from daily walks and yoga to resistance training and HIIT workouts, or vice versa? Our Classic Waist Trimmer is a top-notch option and sweat belt favorite! But if you’re looking for a stylish earth tone look trimmer? Try our Toned Waist Trimmer or try our Neon Waist Trimmer for a bright, vibrant looking trimmer, perfect for the summer.

Still not sure which trimmer is right for you? No need to worry, we have a full guide HERE

Your Trimmer No Longer Fits or Suits You

Working so hard your trimmer doesn’t quite fit the same? In a new era of workout style? This is your sign to celebrate your progress with a new Waist Trimmer. 

The New Year is the perfect time to stock up on fresh, stylish workout fits. What better way to tie your new look together than with a fresh Waist Trimmer?

Our trimmer collection includes so many styles and colors, with a range of options to choose from for all shapes and sizes! Complete your fitness look with new workout sets for women and men, designed with comfort in mind. You can browse the different collections HERE.

Trimmer Care 

The best way to prolong the life of your Waist Trimmer is to have a solid trimmer care & cleaning regimen. An ideal post-workout trimmer clean consists of Sports Research Trimmer Cleaning Spray and a towel.

We hope this guide was helpful, if you have any further questions or need help from one of our sizing experts, send our customer experience team a message HERE.