Sweet Sweat Thigh Trimmers
Sweet Sweat Thigh Trimmers
Sweet Sweat Thigh Trimmers
Sweet Sweat Thigh Trimmers

Thigh Trimmers

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Sweet Sweat® Thigh Trimmers will help to promote an additional increase in heat and sweat to the thigh area when used during exercise.  But don't worry about the extra sweat, the grid inner lining will not only repel moisture and sweat absorption but also limit slipping and bunching during exercise. Includes mesh bag to store or wash the Thigh Trimmers. 

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This is one of the only brands and products that was recommended to me from someone who is actually REALLY fit. He isn't sponsored or trying to get me to buy anything for personal gain. He used the thigh wraps, gel, and waist wrap every day and swears by them so I figured I would try. THEY WORK. I was sweating so much that it ran down my leg and looked like I was peeing on the stair machine. These are awesome.


I have finally seen change in my thigh area since I started two weeks ago using these sweet sweat thigh wraps! My pant legs that were a bit snug have loosened and that's great progress for me. My thigh area has always been a problem area and a struggle but so happy I purchased these and well worth every dime. I use them during workout and even doing the dishes or house chore, and surprisingly my legs would still sweat. I will continue to use them so I can see further progress.


The Perfect Fit

Naturally flexible to adjust to your size and shape, and contoured to fit around your thigh comfortably during exercise.

A Better Sweat

Made with extra thick, latex-free Neoprene and a grid lining that helps repel moisture absorption and limit slipping during workouts.

The Routine

Thigh Trimmers should be worn loose enough to provide a full range of motion during your workouts. Works best when paired with Sweet Sweat to help maximize your workouts.

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