Going Back to the Office? Here are 4 Steps to Help Ease the Transition

Whether you’re going back to the office, entering a hybrid work situation, or continuing to work from home- the changing landscape of work-life balance can be difficult to navigate. You may be feeling a bit anxious about the transition, so we’ve prepared a few strategies to guide you through the return to “normalcy” in the workplace. 

Step 1: Make a plan 

Step 2: Set boundaries and be considerate of others

  • Recognize your own comfortability with hand shaking, close interaction, etc. Acknowledge where you draw the line and check in with your coworkers on their own comfortability.
  • Keep following hygienic practices & stock your desk drawer with the essentials:
    • Immune Support Bundle
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Stress ball
    • Earbuds
    • Tissues

Step 3: Find your new balance


  • Be aware that this will be an adjustment - take care of your body and prioritize rest. Work-life balance is still key here.
  • Book your vacation time now. Just because the office disappeared, doesn’t mean the stress from work faded. Establishing your personal time early-on communicates that you’re on top of things while relieving yourself from the stress of figuring it out later on.
  • Design your new wellness regimen- maybe it’s a good time to find a new gym or emotional outlet. We’ve got tools to support you:

Step 4: Lean on your network of support


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